How to Earn the Brownie Snacks Badge

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The Brownie Snack Try it is one of the most fun badges for the girls to earn, and it is also one of the messiest and hands on for you to lead. This badge is very similar to the old Brownie program’s Make It, Eat It, Try It that my troop earned back when they were Brownies.

Many children today are well aware of what constitutes healthy foods and non-healthy foods. This is not only taught in school, but is also preached to them on various Public Service Announcements on popular children’s television channels.

As their Girl Scout leader, you can help them learn about making their own snacks and healthy choices. The best part is that they get to make it themselves, an opportunity that not every child gets to have.

How to Earn the Brownie Snacks Try It

Photo by Sicha Pongjivanich.

Before you decide to tackle this badge, you need to consider a few things:
  • Does anyone in your troop have food allergies?
  • Does your meeting place permit food to be used?
  • If you can bring in food, are you able to actually prepare things in the space?
  • Will you be able to get volunteers? (An absolute necessity to earn this badge) You need to give them notice to find childcare for other siblings and/or get out of work early.
  • Do you want to hold this meeting in your home or that of your co-leader?

When my troop earned the Make It, Eat It, Try It badge, we were able to do the activities in our meeting space and I had several extra volunteer moms helping-including one who was a trained chef!

It was very successful because the girls got to make everything and then have a tasting party! I did this through time managed stations.

Since this badge has five steps like all the others, it is easy to complete in one meeting time doing the station method. Just make sure that everything is no bake and kid friendly.

If you are really ambitious, you can tie this badge to World Thinking Day and select a country and create foods from it!

  • Food labels-one healthy, one unhealthy-for girls to look at for the same product (for Step 1)
  • Plastic tablecloths
  • Paper or plastic plates, forks, spoons and cups
  • Bin for bringing home dirty dishes and utensils that you will be using
  • Equipment needed for cooking each recipe
  • Hand wipes in case a sink is not nearby
  • Paper towels for spills
  • Containers to bring extra food home
  • Plastic bags for other leftover food
Brownie Snack Try It Badge
Winco Disposible Chef's hat 9 inches pack of 10
The girls will enjoy wearing these as they earn their badge! Anyone who finishes early can decorate the brim with markers. 
Step 1 Jump Into the World of Snacks

Ask the girls if they can tell you some healthy snack choices, and then ask them to name some unhealthy ones.  Hand out the food labels you have run off. Ask the girls what seems to be a healthy food and what is not. If you cannot pronounce it, you should not eat it!

This would also be a good time to go over safety and sanitary rules for cooking. It is also a good idea to make sure they use their manners-no saying “Ew!” or “That’s disgusting!”. This is a Try it, so they should try whatever they are making!

Then divide the girls into groups for stations. Designate a volunteer to be a timer or set the timer on your phone to make sure that you have enough time for the girls to make each treat and taste it, as well as time to clean up at the end.

Yes, you will be making foods several times over, but all girls need to have the same experience. That is why you have containers and plastic bags to take things home.

Step 2 Savory Station

Explain to the girls that savory snack is not a sweet snack, it is either salty or spicy.

You can have the girls make an easy hummus dip (like this on from All Recipes) or an easy homemade ranch dressing (scroll to the bottom of this blog post for the recipe).

Then have the girls peel carrots, slice up cucumbers, and cut celery for dipping fun.

Use fun mini cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of cheese and place them on crackers.

Use mini cookie cutters to cut out shapes for fun healthy snacks for the Brownie Girl Scout Snacks Badge.

Step 3 Make a Sweet Snack

This station is sure to be a home run with everyone! There are plenty of no bake treats for kids to make. Some that are several steps would be Dirt in a Cup, mini parfaits, and mini trifles. If you are saving everything for a tasting party at the end, write the girls names on the plastic dessert cups near the top before they fill them.

You can also make no bake S’mores. My Pinterest board has dozens of varieties to try!

This blog post from Juile’s Eats and Treats has 85 no bake treats. Just try to choose one! 

You can also use those Keebler mini cracker pie shells to make mini pudding pies (I made banana pies with my troop).

Step 4 Snacks for Energy

Sometimes we need a quick pick me up snack that is high in protein and healthy as well. If you are free to use peanuts and other nuts with your group, there are plenty of easy no bake recipes for you to try. 

Here are some resources:

Is there a girl in your troop with peanut allergies? Then this blog post has no bake energy snacks that have nut free options. Be sure to clear it with the parents before purchasing any of the ingredients.

earn Brownie Snacks Try It

Step 5 Slurp a Snack

You will need a blender for this station.

Here are some smoothie recipes for kids:

Remember to have the girls thank the volunteers who helped make this delicious badge possible!


  1. This looks great - thank you! What exactly is the "food labels - one healthy and one unhealthy?" Just a sheet of paper with a list of healthy versus unhealthy snacks? Thanks again!

    1. Every food has a label on it that has the nutrients and ingredients listed. You can do a Google search for "food labels" and tons of images come up. If you want a specific food, then search for that label (like "cereal food labels"). There is a big difference between a cheap mac and cheese and an organic or al natural mac and cheese. Compare the ingredients. It is eye opening for adults and kids! I hope this helped!

  2. Can you post the link for the nut free energy snacks? I can't open anything

    1. I added a link with 21 choices. Some are no bake.


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