How to Earn the Brownie Painting Badge

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Of all the badges that girls love to earn, the arts and crafts one were, by far, my troop’s favorite to do. Based on a lot of what I have read, many other troops also enjoy crafting badges and activities.

Art cannot be rushed. The Brownie Painting Try It is one that should be earned in at least two meetings, if not three. Can you image Picasso being told to hurry up and finish your painting, we have to leave the building and your parents are waiting for you?

I also suggest you skip the uniform when you are painting. Even with smocks, accidents happen. No girl wants a reminder of the activities on her vest or sash, even if you are using washable paint.

Another option is to an art studio for a field trip and have a painting party! This combines earning a badge and a fun trip.

Here is how your troop can earn the badge.

Supply List
  • Smocks
  • Art paper
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Plastic tablecloths or newspaper to line tables
  • A place to put dirty brushes if you have no place to wash them at your meeting site (a plastic bag or container would work)
  • Hand wipes/baby wipes for messy hands and faces
  • Sponge for clean up

plans for earning the Brownie Girl Scout Painting badge

Step 1-Get Inspired

If your Brownies attend public school and have an art program, the art teacher has probably already covered the first step, which is to look at different kinds of paintings.

To launch the meeting, you can go to the library and take out some large art books. Display them on the table and give the girls a few minutes to look through them and see what catches their eye. Talk about what “speaks” to them.

Another thing you can do is give a Power Point presentation on different artists on your laptop. Just select a few famous paintings from different styles-it does not have to be an elaborate presentation like a school project or for a new client at work.

Step 2 Paint the Real World

As the leader, you will have to decide in advance what and where you will paint. If the weather cooperates and you have a place for the girls to paint, then by all means, go outdoors and paint a scene!

For portrait painting, do you want them to paint a famous person (Like Juliette Gordon Low) or a member of their family? If it is a family member, then you will need to tell the parents in advance to send in a picture.

how to earn  Painting Try it badge

Of course, parents will forget. That is why you need to have a still life object as a backup in case there is a child who does not have a photo.

Still life is easy. Do you want it to be a part of nature or a familiar object (like a box of Girl Scout cookies). Cookie paintings can be used to bling your booth!

Here are some supplies you will need.

This easel pad has 50 sheets of paper.

Darice 20 piece brush set for kids

Washable paint is a must!

Step 3 Paint a Mood

We cannot be happy all the time…as humans we feel a variety of moods and emotions. That is normal.

Artists can paint a mood simply by using colors. You can talk to the girls about what colors represent what moods and write them down on paper or a whiteboard. You could also print a color and mood chart and pass them out for girls to share.

This next art project combines learning about mosaics and painting a mood. The girls should select the mood they want to portray and let you know what it is. It will be interesting to compare them at the end of the meeting!

Painting a mood step 3 for Brownie Painting Try it

Here is a link on how to do this project. There are wonderful directions on how to do this. Canvases do not have to be large-an 8x10 will do.

You can also use canvas panels, which are like thick cardboard and meant for painting. 

Step 4 Painting Without Brushes

This is going to be the most creative for your girls. You might want to consider setting up stations for this activity, simply because there are so many ways to paint without a brush!

If you set up stations, make sure the girls have a means of taking their wet art home. They will have several papers that need to dry.

Here are some fun ways to paint:
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Fruits and vegetables that have been cut up
  • The bottom of a soda bottle or juice bottle
  • Marble painting
  • Sponges
  • Finger painting
Need more ideas?  This blog post from Child Central Station has 101 ways to paint with no brushes!

Step 5 Paint a Mural

Paint a murlal to earn the Brownie Painting Try it badge

A mural is a large piece of art that tells a story. You might want to share some mural art that you have found online with your girls to give them an idea of what one is.

The next step is up to you. 

Do you want the girls to discuss what mural to make or will you decide that for them?

Will you be making one large mural or several smaller ones with small groups of girls?

Will they all be on the same subject or different subjects?

Will each girl make her own mural?

Creating a mural takes planning. The girls will need scrap paper to plan it out and run it by you and your co-leader before beginning.
Then they have to do it in pencil first before painting their final product.

Leader Resources for the Brownie Girl Scout Painting Badge

Here are some other resources for you to use while earning this badge. Since each badge has flexibility, you can substitute one of these things for one of the steps or add it to one of the steps.

Spray Paint Your Name (with regular paint)


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