How to Earn the Brownie Meet My Customers Badge

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The Meet My Customers Try It is one of the Financial Literacy badges that girls can easily earn during cookie season.

Lesson plan on earning the Brownie Girl Scout Meet My Customers Badge

Step 1 Find Out Where Your Customers Are

It is a good idea to start your meeting brainstorming where the girls can find potential customers. Create a list on the board or on a large piece of paper.

While girls this age will need parental help when selling, encourage the girls to be the ones to seek out their customers. It is easy for parents to bring cookies to work and sell for their daughter, but this really does not teach her anything other than earning an incentive by someone else doing the work for me.

Once you create the list, ask the girls how they can go about finding these people.  Can they call? Send an email? Write a letter?

how to earn the Meet My Customers Brownie Try It

Step 2 Talk to Some Customers

This is a great time to bring in your card table and pretend to sell cookies to the public. Divide the girls into groups to do some role playing. You may want to write some short scripts for the girls so they are prepared to respond to both positive comments and those who do not wish to purchase cookies.

Step 3 Practice Handling Money and Making Change
Step 4 Role Play Good Customer Relations

This is one of the most crucial steps in earning this badge. Third and fourth grade girls should know how to make basic change when someone buys a four dollar box of cookies. However, it is a good idea to practice this skill so they are prepared.

Using play money, have one group of girls buy different amounts of cookies-one box, two boxes, etc., and have the others make change.

You may want to have a “cheat sheet” of how much different amounts of cookies cost. 

How to Earn the Brownie Meet My Customers Badge with play money.

This step can also be combined with practicing how to interact with the public. Have the girls smile, use their manners and always use this line if people say "no" to a cookie purchase, "Would you like to make a donation to ____________?" (the organization you selected in the Give Back Try It).

Step 5 Thank Your Customers

I am a big fan of a hands on creative activity at every meeting. Girls can use these labels to create individual thank you notes for each box of cookies sold. They can make a small drawing and write the words “Thank you” on it or write the words with the troop number on it.

This will show whoever buys the box that their purchase is appreciated!

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