How to Earn the Celebrating Community Badge

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One thing that we leaders can teach to our girls is a sense of community. When we have pride in where we live, it shows in so many different ways. For example, my boss recently sold her home in a town with two high schools and moved to a smaller place in my town, which has one high school.

She attended our town’s annual community festival for the first time and when I saw her the next day, she told me she felt a sense of pride that she did not feel in her former town. The high school colors were worn by all of the youth and their parents. She told me that it was fun and she looked forward to attending again.

The activities involved with earning the Brownie Celebrating Community Try it will help instill a sense of pride in your own community.

How to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout celebrating community try it

Step 1 Explore Community Symbols

Ask the girls if they know what a symbol is. Then pull out pictures of familiar ones-the Girl Scout logo, the American flag, and a local sports team.

Then show them some that may not be familiar, like your state’s bird and your local flag. See if anyone knows what they are.

Step 2 Sing Together

Adults may be self conscious about singing, but children are not! No matter how tone deaf or on key they are, most children love to belt out a song at the top of their lungs.

For this activity, you will want the girls to listen and march along to songs you select. There are many patriotic songs that you can download and have the girls wave little flags as they walk around. You may even want to watch some YouTube videos in advance and see some color guard flag moves for the girls to use.

earn Brownie Girl Scout Community Celebrations
Pack of 12 flags for your girls.

Step 3 Follow the Parade

If you do the marching portion in Step 2, then this step is already covered. teaching the girls how to march is fun and it gets them moving.

Step 4 Be a Landmark Detective

This part of the badge can easily be done on a field trip. If that is not in your time budget, then you can talk about landmarks in your area and in the big cities nearby. Ask them about the landmarks in Washington, DC-I bet they can name a few!

Craft Time!

Do you want your girls to leave the meeting with something like a patriotic craft?

Amazon has an amazing selection of easy to make an inexpensive crafts for girls. All come prepackaged and in sets of 12.

Paper plate patriotic craft kit

Step 5 Join a Ceremony or Celebration

Girls can learn how to do the Girl Scout flag ceremony. Here are some videos to walk you through it.

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