How to Earn the Brownie Bugs Badge

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Insects may creep some people out, but there are millions of them out there. If you plan on doing any kind of outdoor activities with your girls, then they are going to encounter several of them, especially if you take them camping!

The Bugs Try It can easily be earned with a trip to the zoo or a science museum with an insect exhibit or program. It can also be earned if you have a local person who does school assemblies and teaches about insects and can visit with your troop.

If none of these fit into your time or financial budget, then here is a lesson plan to help you earn the Bugs Try It.

How to Earn the Brownie Bugs Badge


Step 1 Learn About Bugs

In the Brownie Guidebook, the first suggested step is to draw a poster of a bug. As a former elementary school teacher who did this activity with her class, this is a very intensive project if you wish the girls to learn anything about the insect they select. My students spent at least two weeks researching and writing about the insect s/he selected.It takes time to research and draw, and that is a lot like schoolwork to me!

Instead, give the girls a brief overview of the difference between a bug, an insect and an arachnid. You can run off a worksheet if you want of their different body parts or you can bring in a book about insects and have them see close up pictures.

Then ask them how bugs and insects are helpful and harmful. They can be both!

Ladybugs are helpful insects.

Step 2, 3, and 4 See Bugs in Action/Explore Bug Homes/Take a Bug Field Trip

Now is the time to go out and explore what bugs are in your area. Have the girls take a piece of paper, a clipboard and a pencil to write and sketch what they see. can they see and anthill or other insect home?

This would be a great time to hand out magnifying glasses to the girls. You can buy them cheaply here.

Then go back inside and make one of the following bug houses. These are inexpensive and are easy for the girls to make. There is always some kind of deal at Oriental Trading as well!

materials to earn the Brownie Bugs Try it

Step 5 Do a Bug Craft

This is a fun way to end your meeting and it does require a lot of planning on your part. There are literally dozens of different bug craft kits on Oriental Trading that will fulfill this requirement and not require you to research and collect things to make one yourself.

Insect craft kit to earn Brownie Bugs Try It badge

Here are more bug craft kits for you to check out!

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